Cooking wisdom in hand. 

A cooking app with absolutely no recipes.  Instead, KnowledgeBook: Cooking contains all the little bits of information and rules of thumb that you need to really use and understand your recipes -- what can be substituted for buttermilk or baking soda in a pinch, how many bananas it takes to make 1 cup of slices, how many cups are in a pint, what temperature an oven should be set to if the recipe calls for a "moderately hot" oven, etc. 

KnowledgeBook: Cooking compiles all this information in one place, and adds much more: what can be substituted for buttermilk if you don't have vinegar? How many US cups are in an Imperial pint? (or an Australian pint?) What does it mean to papillote something? How should a slow cooker recipe be adjusted at high altitude? What temperature in Fahrenheit does Gas Mark 6 on a British stove correspond to? 

With sections for Yields and Equivalents (including canning yields), Substitutions, general cooking terms, Measurement conversions, and High-Altitude considerations, KnowledgeBook: Cooking aims to be a one-stop reference for all the "extra" information needed to help you understand your recipes and get to Cooking!

What people are saying about KnowledgeBook: Cooking:

"As a caterer, I have found this app to be very valuable...I love the yields for produce. It's great to know how much of a fairly expensive item I will need to make a recipe. This cuts down on waste a great deal and saves me money."
Phoenix 1972, KnowledgeBook:Cooking for iOS 1.10, Feb. 2011

"I have installed a similar app but this one is much better. It's really useful in cooking."
Asparago, KnowledgeBook:Cooking for iOS 1.0.1, Jan 2011

"Excellent app very handy for alternative ingredients and very informative :) must have app"
Cheeksnes, KnowledgeBook:Cooking for iOS 1.0.1, Jan 2011

"Awesome app!  The best cooking reference app I've ever used all wrapped up in a beautiful FREE bow!  It's actually better than most of the paid cooking reference apps and those don't offer HALF the info this one does.  A must have for anyone who cooks!"
Tatem214, KnowledgeBook:Cooking for iOS 1.0.0, Dec 2010

KnowledgeBook:Cooking is currently available for Android and iOS devices